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生酮食品,每100克1克淨碳水 (總碳水-纖維=淨碳水)





✅ 100% 天然成分

✅ 不添加任何調味料。




佢提取了燕麥殼的纖維,所以碳水化合物大大降低一包只含6g 碳水化合物,因此適合控制體重。而且富含膳食纖維


🍝HOW TO DO- 把低卡蒟蒻燕麥麵沖水兩至三次。然後放入沸水/翻炒煮5分鐘,加少許鹽/醬料調味。


☀ 好吃到無法形容。我想讓你試試☀


打開後,應存放在雪櫃在 2 天內食用。


燕麥纖維 (Oat Fibre) 是從燕麥中抽取出的純纖維素,不含碳水化合物,也沒有蛋白質或脂肪。


高纖維 每包10克纖維、低卡路里、無麩質、零脂肪




Flat fiber oats, size 200 g * 6,

flat lines, soft yellow color, appetizing.

Made from 100% natural ingredients, the yellow color in the line is made from healthy and non-energizing fiber from the oat family. It also has extracted all allergens out. It is suitable for consumer groups who want to control weight of all genders and ages. Oat fiber is a fiber from oat husks. Rich in dietary fiber Calorie-free It can be used to make desserts instead of wheat flour, or sprinkle them with your favorite food or drink to add extra fiber.



How to do it - Bring the invasion to wash thoroughly.

Then bring to a boil in boiling water for 5 minutes, add a little salt to taste.

Then use it for cooking such as Tom Yum Suki Salad, Stir-fried Tom Yum, Salad and other menus.


Storage - If the bag is not unpacked, it can be stored at normal temperature. If the bag is unpacked, it is recommended to refrigerate for up to 3 days.


Caution - if the bag is damaged, such as leaking, blistering, konjac meat Should not be eaten

Expired product - 04/05/21 KCAL- 100 g equals 25 cal.

燕麥纖維意大利寬條麵 /蒟蒻河粉(2包裝) |MOKI

HK$54.00 一般價格
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