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4包 麻辣 , 冬陰公 , 原味 , 黑松露 



Snack from soy protein, high protein, can be eaten while watching TV. Or eat as a side dish with drinks, vegetables and fruits.

***No meat ingredients***

Make your favorite food high in protein too.

In 1 packet, 20 grams of protein is equivalent to One chicken breast, or about 4 eggs

Made from organic soybeans Non GMO soy, not genetically modified.

There are 3 flavors

- Original flavor with Shiitake mushroom smell, easy to eat in every occasion

- Mala flavor is spicy Aroma of spices from Yunnan China

- Tom Yum flavor with Thai spice aroma, mellow sweet taste

*** Suitable for

- exercise person need protein to restore muscle

- Men and women who want snacks that provide nutrients to nourish the muscles of the working age.

- Children who are growing up The body is in need of the proper ratio of carbohydrates and proteins.

- Pregnant women who need iron and calcium for their baby's strength.

- Convalescent patients who need protein, iron, calcium to restore the system. muscle and heart

 All flavors, no meat ingredients, no MSG and FDA standards.

The first in Thailand

大豆僞豬肉脆條 - 全素+高蛋白

HK$46.00 一般價格
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